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Waterproof Basement Company Review

Our experience with Everdry has been positive from the beginning to the end. All of the staff was very polite. The foreman on the job, Nick, explained all of what the job entailed and answered any questions that we had. After the job started, all staff was very good about explaining what was going on and why they were doing it. All the staff was very directed to get the job done in a timely fashion.

We would like to thank the staff, Nick, Will, Mitchell, Angel, and Raheim for all their hard work and effort to finish this job in the cold weather. They worked with my husband to help with any concerns or questions that he had. We would gladly recommend the staff for this labor intensive job. 

Macedon, NY

I must say, I had some doubts as to whether this was absolutely necessary after living here for 43 years without any sump pumps and water issues. It was the mildew smell that had me call Everdry for tests. I wanted the basement done over anyways so I went with the plan. What a big job! Richard and his crew really seemed to know what they where doing. And, such hard workers, and so pleasant, all of them. Richard explained often what they where doing and showed me also. Office staff was good to work with, reassuring me this was going to make a difference. Jessica, the supervisor, came out several times to check in.

Rochester, NY

We just had Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York finish our basement this week. They were very prompt, professional, and courteous. They were very vigilant about keeping our house as neat as possible while keeping the dust & debris to a minimum. We appreciated the fact that they cleaned up at the end of each day. Keith was very good about keeping us informed about the plans of the day, as well as the progress at the end of the day. They finished our job on time & we felt very well taken care of. We would highly recommend Everdry to anyone looking for help with handling their wet basement needs and like the fact that we can transfer the warranty if we ever choose to sell our house.

Rochester, NY

Joe was very thorough and professional in his explanation of the work to be accomplished. He went over the options we could decide on and included us in each decision. Unfortunately, the rain forced to outside work to end early, but Joe made us aware of how we could speed up the process for the next day. When Joe called us to the basement to see the amount of water that was being released by the drain holes drilled in the bottom of the foundation blocks, I was amazed! The whole crew was friendly and willing to show us what they were working on.

Bloomfield, NY
We had our basement waterproofed years ago, but recently needed to call about our backup battery. Due to our conflicting schedules we set up an appointment several weeks away. Mari told me she would call when an earlier opening was available. We really didn’t think we would hear from her, but within a week an inspector called and came to our home. Jerry was knowledgeable, professional, and efficient in explaining our problem, and providing us with a solution.
Rochester, NY

Our experience with Everdry has been positive. The office personal kept us up-to-date on our appointment times. The Everdry work crew that came to my house were courteous and professional. The crew foreman, Nick, kept his crew on task and everyone work neatly and efficiently. We are very happy with our Everdry system and will be glad to recommend Everdry to friends with water problems in their basements.

Lockport, NY

Our experience with the Everdry crew was exceptional. They took very good care of their own equipment, our property, and were very professional. They have done an excellent job, not only in our system installation, but also in explaining what was happening when we had questions. Every member of the crew was polite, clean, neat, and all worked very hard in some less-than-great winter weather conditions. We have enjoyed the experience of a job well done, done quickly and done right by a true team of professionals.

Lima, NY

The entire process went pretty much as expected. The office staff was informative, friendly and professional. The workers were observant of our privacy and made sure that we were kept abreast of their progress. The workers kept the home as clean as possible considering the type of construction going on. All in all, the workers were considerate and kept the noise to a minimum. The experience was pleasant and memorable.

Greece, NY

Everyone I dealt with was friendly and professional. Each person ensured that I understood what was going to occur. The crew that did the work were also friendly and professional. Any questions that I had were addressed and/or explained clearly. They cleaned and straightened up each day before they left so that my property never looked “shabby.” Thank You!

Rochester, NY

Everything went well and was done in a timely manner. Everyone we came in contact with through Everdry was very friendly. The workers that came to the house were very cautious and explained the process of what happening every day.

Stafford, NY

We had a great experience with EverDry Waterproofing. The E-Z Breathe System installed has taken care of the musty odors from the basement, that we previously had. We love the way the waterproofing turned out. We were very impressed with job of the workers in our home. They worked extremely hard and were exceptionally polite! It was wonderful having everything explained to us in detail, before the beginning of the project. We felt involved and informed. Office staff was also positive in our conversations. Frequent contact was every step of the way. When all was done, paperwork was finished up in a very professional manner. Thank you so much for providing us with a pleasant experience. We will pass the word on that you are an outstanding company to work with!

Rochester, NY

My biggest concern for this job was the physical work that had to be done by Joe and his crew. It was done more than satisfactorily. Under wet, muddy circumstances they did a great job of keeping the area clean. They, individually and collectively, did an outstanding job. They worked well together as a team. They also worked well alone. I cannot say enough good things about the job. Joe and his crew are true gentlemen.

Rochester, NY

Thank you Everdry for everything starting with your salesman, Mr. Chris Haley, to the office staff and the crew, who all worked so hard and diligently. I am satisfied with the work. I will refer people. May God Bless you all!

Rochester, NY

Our basement has been damp since we purchased the home and it’s been increasingly wet over the past few years. We took advantage of the free assessment offered by Everdry and the walk-though made us even more aware of how little we were able to use the space. The Everdry team was professional and knowledgeable. They went of their way to ensure that we had all questions answered and so that we would be pleased with the finished product. It is hard to believe they were able to complete the job in less than five days. We’re thrilled to have “re-claimed” our basement and we look forward to using the space again.

Rush, NY

Excellent!! All my questions were answered and explained in detail. I will recommend Everdry to all my friends and family!

Kenmore, NY

It hasn’t even been a month since the Everdry team finished waterproofing my basement and it was put to the test this past week with over 5″ of rain in about 3 days. My basement is dry for the first time in 20 years! The only downfall is the cost, but if my basement stays dry it will be worth it! The job was completed in 3 days and the team was very professional and courteous. Keith explained everything that was being done as they went along. The crew cleaned up as they went along and the site looked better when they were done than it did when they started! Prior to the waterproofing the water just poured right into my basement – it was wet all of the time. I could not store anything down there without fear of it being ruined. I’m looking forward to having usable space in my basement for a change! I hope to be able to post in the spring and many springs to come, that my basement is still dry! DS, Auburn, NY

Auburn, NY

Everdry should be very proud of all their employees. From the first contact with your office staff (so polite) to the engineers and project manager, all deserving of high praises. As for your work crew, they are rated A++. Donny the foreman and his men were the best workers we have ever had work for us. Donny explained and showed us each step along the way. When he could not be here one day, Darren stepped in and was just as conscientious as Donny. Kind, caring, considerate and as neat as possible in this kind of work. Thank them for a job well done.

Lewiston, NY

A very large “thank you” to all of you who worked to install the system that will ensure my basement will stay EVERDRY. Your work ethic is admirable, and your demeanor pleasant at all times. Your company can be proud to have you as their representatives. I have only one request…please show this letter to your “boss” so that they know what good representatives you are.

Youngstown, NY

I can only speak about the two employees who worked all day. Both Angel and Nick were polite, efficient and respectful of all aspects of the job. They were also mindful of my concerns. Nick and Angel were excellent workers. They were very, very helpful. They did everything to satisfy us. Nick even mopped the basement floors and John was here the day they finished the job. He made sure we were pleased. I would high recommend this company and especially Nick and Angel. Thank you.

Cheektowaga, NY

I have been very pleased with the professionalism and work ethic of Joel and the rest of the construction crew from Everdry Waterproofing. Joel went above and beyond to make sure everything was going as planned with my basement waterproofing project. The planning, workmanship and follow up on details was first class. During the project, Joel made sure to answer all of my questions, and he took time to show me progress and quality of his crew’s work. Joel even flexed his work hours to accommodate my work schedule and even ended up finishing the project ahead of schedule. Overall, I would recommend Everdry Waterproofing to my family, friends and neighbors – Great Job!

Greece, NY

The team that worked on our crawlspace was very professional and informative. They showed us as each step was performed and explained as it was completed. We are very satisfied.

Hamlin, NY

I have struggled with water in my basement since the purchase of my home in 2006. Eventually, it was discovered that I had a mold problem. The initial contact with EverDry’s salesman was a positive experience. No high pressure. The situation was determined and a plan of attack was given. I have to say the added assurance of a warranty that my basement would not be wet ever again was a huge bonus. I was excited to get started. A schedule was set for January. Due to lousy weather and an abundance of snow, I expected delays! This did not happen. The crew showed up on time, with smiles on their faces, ready to tackle the work needed to be done. The work crew was positive, courteous, and informed me every step of the way as to the progress being made. The crew was here about 4 days. It was a very messy job being done in not so great conditions. I never heard anything but positive, and when they were done, my home was left clean (no debris or tools left behind and my basement floor was clean). Even some bushes that had to be dug up on the outside of my home were put back. Boy, I was surprised by that!! I can say with absolute surety, that I would recommend EverDry services to anyone in need. The system is amazing and I can’t thank them enough for removing one huge problem from my home. Thank you EveryDry a thousand times.


I live in Tonawanda, NY and use Everdry Waterproofing. They are very friendly and provide great, professional service. They are fast and keep you informed of what they are doing every step of the project. They were on time as well and cleaned up everything when they were finished!

Tonawanda, NY

I was very pleased with the EverDry experience, from the sales rep to the office staff. Everyone seemed eager to help. Written materials were very helpful and follow-up questions were treated respectively. No question seemed too crazy. The crew that came to complete the project was very polite and considerate. I felt comfortable with them at the house. They arrived on time, worked steadily and kept me informed of their progress. i would recommend EverDry.

Rochester, NY