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Free Inspection!

Free Inspection

Over 40 years of exceptional waterproofing, basement services and foundation repair in Rochester and Western NY

With one of the most expansive service areas in New York, Everdry Waterproofing has worked hard over the past four decades to build a reputation of reliability, value and integrity.

Free Inspection

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Since 1978 the professionals at Everdry have been dedicated to providing the highest level of residential waterproofing services to keep your home dry.

Foundation Repairs

Cracks in your foundation will only get worse over time, learn why Everdry is regarded as one of NY’s most trusted providers of foundation repair services.

Free Inspections

Fearing that something might be amiss with your basement or foundation? Fill out this simple form to schedule a free 20-point foundation inspection!

Rochester NY

Everdry has its roots in Rochester and we’re proud to offer our friends and neighbors expert waterproofing and basement services they can trust.

Buffalo NY

Our Buffalo office is staffed by a team of expert waterproofing technicians and foundation repair specialists, learn more or contact Everdry in Buffalo.

Syracuse NY

Everdry Syracuse is pleased to provide superior waterproofing service, basement sealing and foundation repairs at the area’s most competitive rates.

The Basement Waterproofing Company New York Trusts

You can take us at our word when we say that we’ve seen it all over the past 40 years. And it’s this keen insight that allows our team to quickly and accurately identify the core root of your basement’s issue. Whether it’s a simple hairline crack, age-related degradation or something more serious, you can have confidence in our ability to resolve it in the most timely and affordable manner possible. Our techs bring decades of experience and receive ongoing training, backed by the compassion and courtesy every customer deserves.

Waterproof Wisdom series

Many of the most common basement leaks and foundation problems aren’t visible to the untrained eye, and they can intensify more rapidly than you might imagine. Call the Everdry location in your area for a free inspection or answers from our team of expert technicians.

Waterproofing Wisdom Videos

Basement Waterproofing Company New YorK Trust

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We’ve served over 80,000 customers throughout Rochester and Western NY, and we look forward to showing you why so many homeowners continue to trust Everdry.

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