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Free Inspection!

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The experts at Everdry Waterproofing want you to understand the importance of basement waterproofing systems. There are many things to understand when it comes to the details of waterproofing your basement. Below are examples of what we do in order to complete the basement waterproofing process. When you have a wet basement, or find water in your basement, it's important to take care of the problem immediately. Don't risk the formation of mold and mildew or the damage of your personal items. Basement waterproofing cost is well worth the health of you and your family. Not to mention your property. Call the experts at EverDry to rid your basement of water today!

The Exterior System:

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  • Excavating to footer all accessible areas.
  • Removing old drain tile & replacing with new.
  • Repairing all wall cracks.
  • Applying mastic sealer to walls.
  • Applying heavy-duty industrial plastic to walls.
  • Backfilling with stone to within 24 inches to grade.
  • Replacing topsoil.

The Interior System:

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  • Opening floors next to outside walls.
  • Drilling weep holes at the footer level.
  • Installing drain tile surrounded by gravel.
  • Connecting drain tile to crock with a sump pump.
  • Replacing the concrete floor where opened.

Multi-step System:

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Includes Outside & Inside System:

  • Hand excavate inspection trench(where accessible).
  • Excavate any cracks continuing below inspection trench to their ends. Repair all wall cracks on the outside to make wall structurally sound.
  • Apply fibrated mastic (waterproofing) to walls.
  • Apply heavy-duty industrial plastic to mastic forming "J" channel.
  • Install new MDS sub-soil drainage tile packed in gravel.
  • Seal basement windows if needed.
  • Seal any outside cement if needed.


  • Repair all wall cracks on inside to make wall structurally sound.
  • Open an inspection trench inside using the patented Dust Suppression System.
  • Inspect footers and reinforce where necessary.
  • Repair footer cracks where needed.
  • Install sub-flooring drainage system.
  • Replace the concrete floor where serviced.
  • Repair all floor cracking.
  • Open a hole in the corner of floor.
  • Install perforated plastic crock packed in gravel with safety lid.
  • Install Pressure Relief system to effectively lower the water beneath the floor.
  • E-Z Breathe Ventilation System installed.
  • DuraShield and Stablwall where needed.
  • Clean up and haul away debris.
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