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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Crack Repair

Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York professionals take a personal, one-on-one approach in dealing with homeowners to help them understand their options for creating a safe, dry and livable space in their basements. Homeowners seeking a basement waterproofing solution rely on Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York for complete and accurate information about basement waterproofing. We serve as a resource of information to remedy water problems in basements no matter the cause. We only employ qualified waterproofing consultants and provide free in home estimates for your home and peace of mind. Our waterproofing consultants have been trained to answer questions and provide you with the very best workmanship using the highest quality products in the industry, and always supply you with the most cost effective waterproofing solution.

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Waterproofing is one of the best ways to increase the property value of your home, improve the living environment and prevent damaging moisture. Creating a structurally sound foundation will provide peace of mind as well as increase overall value in a home. Waterproofing is a pro-active step to protect a home's foundation and reduce the chance of needing more serious repair in the future. Waterproofing services ensure that a home is protected from excess moisture that destroys foundations, basement walls and homeowners' belongings. There are a few options to choose from when deciding how to waterproof your home. You can choose from total excavation, interior systems or a combination of both interior and exterior systems. Each option varies in the degree of labor needed, pricing and length of time needed for completion. Using both an interior and exterior system is a great way to handle both hydrostatic pressure and leaking walls.

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