The Western NY winters seem to be getting more and more intense, and this makes it critically important to ensure that your home is prepared to deal with whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out. And for the record, there’s no such thing as a tolerable amount of basement water.  If you can see it, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Basement water is a telltale sign of a poorly-sealed home, or possible degradation and cracks in your home’s foundation. Ignoring it won’t make the problem go away, and the situation will inevitably get worse as time passes.

Here at Everdry, our team of basement waterproofing experts know exactly what to look for when identifying and resolving water in your basement or lower level.  Here are just a few reasons why so many throughout Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo continue to trust in our expertise and professionalism.       

  • Over 40 years of professional basement waterproofing experience in WNY
  • Offering a wide range of services in Rochester NY, Syracuse and Buffalo
  • We use the industry’s most advanced basement waterproofing technology
  • All jobs are performed by a team of vastly-skilled basement foundation experts
  • Free onsite inspections and written estimates for enhanced peace of mind
  • A trusted provider of Western NY basement sealing and foundation repairs

Find Out if Your Basement is Ready for the Harsh Winter Months

Whether you’re new to the Western NY region or a lifelong resident, if you’re dealing with standing basement water or persistent foundation problems, the Everdry team is here and ready to help. Don't let another harsh winter make the situation worse. Get in touch with any of our three locations today for answers to your questions or to schedule a free, no-obligation basement inspection today.  There’s no cost to find out where your basement stands, and we’ll be happy to show you all available options at the area’s most competitive rates. 

You can reach Everdry by phone at any of the numbers below, or by writing to us 24/7 through our website’s secure contact portal.  Let us know how we can help keep your home dry, safe and energy-efficient this winter!  

Everdry Rochester:      585-247-7692

Everdry Buffalo:          716-897-1380

Everdry Syracuse:        800-733-5360