Fear of Flooding It's one of every homeowner's worst nightmares: coming home to significant water on the floor of the basement. Your first reactions might be to rescue your belongings from the area or to step in to find the source of the flooding but it's important to deal with the issue safely and appropriately as to not cause further damage. Possible Causes There are a lot of contributing factors that could cause water in your basement Plumbing: Particularly if you have laundry in your basement, leaks from washing machines are very common especially when they are overloaded. Issues with water tanks and water heaters also can result in leaks. Basement Windows: When water collects around your house from heavy rains or quick snow melts, it can sit in the wells of your windows and trickle into the basement Doors: Doors that access the basement from outside might not be sealed to the walls of your foundation OR can have settled away from them in older homes, allowing gaps for water to enter Foundation: Cracks in your walls and gaps in the floor can allow water to come in from the outside of your home Safety Be cautious when entering your basement. Immediately turn off any plumbing that is contributing to the basement. Have all standing water pumped out of the room as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage. The longer water stays stagnant in your basement, the more likely that mold can grow. Avoid entering the flooded area if there are electronics, electrical wires, or electrical fixtures are present to avoid the risk of injury from electrocution. If you do find leaks or puddles in your basement that won't go away or need an expert opinion on what to do with basement water, contact Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York for your free estimate immediately! We will be able to assess where the water is coming from and determine the best way to make sure it doesn't come back!