Rust may seem like merely a cosmetic problem, but there’s also real potential for more costly repairs in the future, not to mention the risk of electrical fires when moisture comes in to contact with your home’s electrical components, such as wiring, breakers and panel boxes.  In short, ignoring it simply isn’t worth the risk to you or your loves one.  If you’re in an older or historic home, it’s considerably important to have any areas of concern inspected and properly serviced by a professional who knows precisely what to look for.  Ignoring it can have dire consequences that extend far beyond the cost of routine service.

Rust Safety for your Basement

At EverDry NY, we’ve been serving homes in the Central and Western NY region for over 40 years, and bring decades of experience to every job.  If you’re concerned about rust deposits adjacent to critical components in your basement or lower level, get in touch and we’ll check it out at no cost to you.

  • One of NY’s most established and well-respected basement repair companies
  • Get a complementary inspection to determine the severity of your problem
  • Over 40 years of expertise identifying and resolving foundation issues affordably
  • We’re committed to using only leading-edge leak detection tech and equipment
  • All inspections and service is performed by expert-level waterproofing professionals

Schedule a Free Inspection to Accurately Assess Rust and Moisture

When it comes to the safety of your home and loved ones, it’s important to never underestimate the potential damage and health issues that can result from ignoring rust caused by excess moisture or foundation leaks.  EverDry offers free 20-point basement and foundation inspections to let you know exactly where you stand, so be sure to schedule yours today.  We serve the entire Central and Western NY area, and can be reached through email or by calling any of the phone numbers listed below.

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