The foundation of your home is the most important part of the structure of your house. Damages to the foundation can be detrimental to the condition of your home and create costly issues later. If you are ever in the position of wanting to sell your home, foundations are one of the first concerns that may be raised my potential buyers. Common signs of failing foundation: * Drywall, outside wall, or ceiling cracks * Warped or uneven floor * Stuck doors or windows Get to know your basement. Take note of any cracks and holes in the walls, even if they are minor. By monitoring the size and shape of cracks now, you will be able to detect any major changes that could indicate an issue. Small, hairline cracks may be a result of natural settling of the house due to sediment and dirt, but if they begin to grow exponentially in short amount of time there may be cause for concern. It is natural for windows to stick and doors to get stuck in certain weather. As moisture from heat enters your house, wood can swell and cause these to occur but if it is happening for a longer period of time, an issue with the foundation could be the culprit. Unsure of changes to your basement, particularly if you're seeing water? Call us for a free home estimate.