Water is a force more powerful than most people think, and it’s important to remember that if your foundation is compromised, water will inevitably find another pathway inside. In an attempt to protect their basements and lower levels, many homeowners resort to the application of waterproof paint. But make no mistake, waterproof paint is not an effective way to prevent foundation leaks and wet basements. Understanding the power and flow of water is an essential first step when it comes to creating a moisture-free home.

As one of the leading and most trusted basement waterproofing companies in New York, Everdry offers a wide range of proven solutions to help keep your home dry, protected and moisture-free. Here are a just a few reasons to give us a call if you’re experiencing leaks or ongoing moisture issues.

  • Everdry has served Rochester NY, Buffalo and Syracuse for over 40 years
  • We staff a team of extensively trained techs to resolve leaks permanently
  • The most advanced leak detection technology to accurately identify problems
  • We specialize in a full spectrum of foundation and basement waterproofing
  • All services are performed using the most advanced techniques and equipment
  • Innovative air quality services been proven to help prevent mold formation

If you’re dealing with a leaky basement or moisture issues that continue to reoccur, waterproof paint might bring a little peace of mind, though it won’t resolve the root issues. We invite you to discover why more homeowners continue to trust Everdry NY when it comes to basement waterproofing that’s efficient, reliable and affordable

For more information on our residential waterproofing services, or to schedule a free, safe in-home inspection get in touch by phone using any of the numbers below, or write to us 24/7 through our website’s contact page.

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