As far too many homeowners eventually learn, basement and foundation problems aren’t always noticeable until damage reaches significant levels.  Many cracks and concrete splits aren’t visible to the naked eye and this can result in costly repairs that, in many cases, could have been easily, affordably prevented.  Cleary, one of the most effective ways to ensure that this never happens is to have your home’s basement and foundation inspected each year by experienced professionals who know precisely which telltale signs to look for.  Many issues can be resolved quickly, giving you the added peace of mind you deserve.

Here at EverDry Waterproofing in Rochester NY, our team of expert waterproofing professionals use the most advanced technology combined with over 40 years of experience to give you an honest assessment of your residential foundation and basement. Here are just a few reasons to call EverDry to protect the structural integrity of your home.

  • Over four decades of reliable, expert experience inspecting and repairing foundations
  • Our team utilizes today’s most advanced leak detection technology to find issues early
  • Annual basement/foundation inspections can save you thousands on future repairs
  • All foundation and waterproofing estimates are backed in writing for your protection
  • We offer emergency services whenever applicable throughout Rochester and WNY
  • Extensive positive reviews from homeowners who continue to trust our expertise

For additional information on the benefits of having your basement inspected each year by a professional, or to schedule an appointment get in touch with any of our three EverDry locations.

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