Free Inspection!

Free Inspection!

A damp wall may look harmless or even be mistaken as normal color fading, but lurking behind what’s visible to the eye can be a slow forming problem that ends up costing you substantial money in the future.  The most common signs of damp walls or excess moisture are discoloration, strange outlines, small dark circles where the frame was connected, and a wide range of others.  It’s something that should always be inspected and diagnosed by an experienced waterproofing professional who knows how to rule out other common problems and causes.

EverDry NY is the leading provider of professional waterproofing services in Western and Central NY, and offers free onsite inspections to help you better understand the causes of damp walls, as well as the most effective solutions when it comes to repairs and service.

  • Our team can provide a fast, accurate assessment of damp walls and moisture
  • Over 40 years of proven experience identifying and resolving basement problems
  • We utilize today’s most innovative moisture detection equipment and technology
  • Our team is vastly experienced, highly trained, and always respectful of your home
  • All work is completed on time and at budget to ensure your complete satisfaction

Let EverDry Take the Stress Out of Your Basement Woes

Painting over the discoloration caused by basement moisture and damp walls is merely a cosmetic Band-Aid, and the problem will only get more troublesome as time passes. If you suspect excess moisture in your basement or lower levels, don’t put it off too long.  Call the waterproofing experts at EverDry NY for more detailed information on identifying moisture, and schedule your free 20-point foundation inspection to get an unbiased and accurate diagnosis. You can reach us via email through our contact page or by calling the location closest to you.

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