Free Inspection!

Free Inspection!

Dry rot can be incredibly damaging to your home’s basement, lower levels and foundation, and is traditionally identified by its distinctive brownish-black growth that often shows up in corners and crevices, as well as on clothes and furniture.  It can look harmless, appearing as nothing more than a section that needs a quick cleaning, however the real problem goes much deeper.  Dry rot begins with moisture, often in older materials, and gradually increases over time.  Left ignored, it can result in significant damage to your home’s structural foundation, forcing homeowners to not only replace the damaged materials, but also searching for the root cause of trouble.

If you’re not sure how to properly identify residential dry rot, you’re not alone.  Ruling out other factors such as mold, mildew or cracking is something that needs to be handled by a skilled expert, and no one does a better job than the waterproofing specialists at EverDry NY.

  • Four decades of experience identifying and resolving dry rot damage
  • Free 20 point basement and foundation inspection for an accurate assessment
  • Our team of waterproofing experts use the most advanced tech and equipment
  • All estimates from EverDry are backed in writing for your total peace of mind
  • We work quickly and efficiently to provide minimal interruption to your routine

EverDry Makes Dealing with Dry Rot Simple and Straightforward

It takes a great deal of integrity and customer satisfaction to become an industry leader, but that’s exactly how EverDry sees every project we take on.  If you’re concerned about dry rot, especially in older or historic homes, give us a call to learn more and schedule a time for us to come take a look.  There’s no cost to find out, and if repairs are needed, you’ll have the assurance of working with the area’s best waterproofing team at the most competitive rates.  We can be reached through our contact page or at any of the phone numbers below.

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