Free Inspection!

Free Inspection!

It doesn’t take a waterproofing specialist to understand that your floor should not have visible cracks, splits, bucking or other unnatural problems.  They’re most commonly caused by natural shifting of your home’s structural components, and left ignored, they will just get worse and worse over time.  Eventually, homeowners find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to make significant repairs that can involve tearing out old floors, raising core structural components or substantial foundation repairs.

If you see cracks in the floor of your basement or lower levels, don’t wait.  Call EverDry NY for a free basement inspection and expert assessment.  We’ve been providing superior level service for over 40 years in the Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse regions, and have expertise on every type of home and construction style.

  • Fast, accurate diagnosis of problems that commonly cause cracked floors
  • Proud to be New York’s most trusted and experienced waterproofing companies
  • Four decades of customer satisfaction through hard work and honest services
  • Our free basement inspections can identify minor issues before they intensify
  • Each member of our team is highly skilled and always respectful of your home

Find Out What’s Causing the Cracks in Your Basement Floors

Cracked floors are nothing to be taken lightly, and each day that you wait can result in damage that snowballs to catastrophic levels.  Don’t take the risk of hoping that the problem subsides over time.  Let our team of vastly-experienced waterproofing and foundation repair specialists inspect your floors for free, to keep costs at a minimum while resolving your problem once and for all.  Call EverDry NY for more information or to schedule a complementary assessment.  We can be reached via email or by calling the location nearest you.

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We’ve served over 80,000 customers throughout Rochester and Western NY, and we look forward to showing you why so many homeowners continue to trust Everdry.