Free Inspection!

Free Inspection!

If you see sections of warped paneling in your home’s basement or lower levels, there’s a strong chance that excessive or slow-forming moisture has been accumulating over time, and has now reached some stage of saturation.  Unlike some foundation problems, warped paneling can’t be repaired.  It must first be thoroughly assessed by a trained waterproofing expert, before repairing any underlying issues and replacing any and all warped panel board or exposed wood.  And obviously, this goes beyond the scope of a routine DIY project.  Always have a professional look at it to make sure nothing has been missed during initial inspection.

As the leading provider of waterproofing services in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, EverDry NY can let you know exactly what’s causing your panels to warp at no cost.  We’ve been serving the area for over four decades and continue to be trusted by more homeowners each day.

  • ·         Free basement and foundation inspections to detect leaks and diagnose warping
  • ·         Our team is among the most experienced and talented throughout New York
  • ·         We use the industry’s most state-of-the-art equipment and detection technology
  • ·         Over 40 years of trusted, professional waterproofing and foundation repair service
  • ·         Our rates are consistently among the most competitive in Central/Western NY

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Simply ripping out warped panels and replacing them with whatever is available at the hardware store won’t solve the problem, and it’s important to resolve the root cause of moisture before making any drastic moves.  Call EverDry NY today to learn more about what to look for, or schedule time for one of our experts to provide a complementary moisture inspection.  We can be reached via email through our contact page or by calling any of the phone numbers listed below.

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We’ve served over 80,000 customers throughout Rochester and Western NY, and we look forward to showing you why so many homeowners continue to trust Everdry.