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Free Inspection!

What to Include in Your Home Inspection Checklist

Published February 23, 2017 641 Views

Whether it's a brand new, custom-built luxury home or more of a fixer-upper, purchasing a home is a huge decision that should not be made until you've had a chance to thoroughly inspect all interior and exterior aspects of the property. While it's always recommended you hire a licensed p...

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Things to Include in your Home Inspection Checklist

Published February 4, 2017 702 Views

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What to Do When You Find Water in Your Basement

Published January 23, 2017 988 Views

Finding water in your basement can be quite alarming at first, and the most important first step to remedying the situation is to understand where it is likely coming from and why. If you find water in your basement just after it has rained or once the snow has melted that should provide you with a...

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How to Prevent a Leaking Basement

Published January 12, 2017 795 Views

Rain is great for your garden or as some relief from the summer heat, but it can mean disaster if you have a leaking basement. Those homeowners who spend a lot of time watching DIY videos online may think that preventing your basement from leaking is rather easy. While there are some tips you...

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Signs of Water in the Home

Published January 4, 2017 617 Views

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The Importance of Promptly Addressing Foundation Problems

Published January 4, 2017 1552 Views

Your home is only as strong as its foundation, and if such a fundamental system begins to fail you're not only risking the safety of everyone in the house but also expensive, time-consuming repairs. Foundation issues deserve top priority and you should act quickly if you even suspect your founda...

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Basement Waterproofing

Published January 4, 2017 1046 Views

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The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Published January 4, 2017 1565 Views

When you were purchasing your home, did you investigate whether or not the basement was waterproofed? If you answer no you're not alone. It is an often overlooked detail when people are shopping for homes, because waterproofing generally isn't high on most homebuyers' lists of amenities...

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How Water Could Enter Your Home

Published December 12, 2016 579 Views

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Is Mold a Threat to Your Health?

Published December 7, 2016 677 Views

Your home is a refuge from the outdoors, including harsh weather, pollution and insects, but there is one thing that can infiltrate your home without you knowing it: mold. A little mold might seem innocuous, but it can pose a threat to your health as its spores become airborne and it grows and expan...

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